CelebPoker free bonus

The free bonus available at CelebPoker is one of the latest of this type of free bonus to become available recently, as far as we know.

First off, the bonus is NOT available directly from Celeb Poker, so don’t even think of going that way.

To get this this bonus deal, you will need to sign up with a site called Celeb Poker Money – you can sign up with them using this link.

This bankroll promotion is a straight up $19 with no deposit required to all players that are eligible, and a further bonus amount of up to $180 if you can reach the points.

The further bonus is released in three parts; the first part of $30 is released when you have earned 2500 player points. You earn these points by playing poker on the Celeb Poker site with the free $19 that you got in the first part of the bonus.

Once you reach the 2500 point limit things should get a bit easier in releasing the rest of the bonus, because you will have $30 more to play with.

The next part of the bonus is $40 and that is released to you after you have earned a further 2500 player points, and another $50 will be released at the next 2500 points mark.

The final part of this bankroll is $60 which also requires 2500 player points.  And that makes a total bonus bankroll of $199 which is probably the largest free bankroll promotion available.

There is a long list of countries that are not eligible for this promotion, which includes the USA, but most western European countries are acceptable, and for players from those countries that are not acceptable Celeb Poker Money will give you 100 points that can be used to enter free tournaments, so it’s not all bad.

Check out this free hold’em bankroll at Celeb Poker Money now.

Free Bankroll daily limits

By the way, there will be 100 free bankrolls given out every day, so if you go to the site and there are no bonuses available, go ahead and sign up anyway, as you can claim the bonus on the following day.

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